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Dan Waldschmidt argues: “Your businesses don’t need a turn-around strategy.”

He argues that “You might need more sales, better marketing, happier customers, and fresh product ideas. But a turn-around probably isn’t on that list.  Frankly, if you can “turn around” you aren’t in that much trouble. If you can pivot. If you are jive. Then turning around is really just about managing priorities, executing on a plan, and taking responsibility for actions and results throughout your organization.  If you need help, it’s not because you are turned around. It’s because you’re lying on the ground. You just got the crap kicked out of you.”

Take a half hour for our EDGY Perspectives teleconference to think differently about “turn around” and your business, your beliefs, and your results.

You’ll learn the 5 key things you need to do to be successful growing your business in spite of past failures, a bad economy, or prospects who aren’t overly eager to be your customers.

In addition to Dan’s commentary, October’s guest for the short “Who’s EDGY” component is Anthony Iannarino, author of The Sales Blog and premiere sales consultant.

This 30-minute event is free and open to all. Invite friends and colleagues.  Invite your whole team for 30 minutes well spent. It’s the one event you won’t want to miss this month.

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