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Be Awesome

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That is my own personal battle cry. It is the common theme in everything I do (and trust me – it is a lot).

What is EDGY? Four letters. Four timeless attitudes for breakthrough business growth. Extreme behavior. Disciplined activity. Giving mindset. Y(h)uman strategy. Regardless of your business, your goals, your industry, or the specific challenges in your way, EDGY is your key to turning things around. It’s your roadmap. Your ideology. Your war plan.

Whether you are just dipping your toe into EDGY or you have already done a full on cannonball to embrace it, there are many corners of the EDGY universe to explore. Check out all the different areas you can play in below. From the book to my consulting practice, you can explore the EDGY mantra from several different angles.

Remember, be awesome.

Edgy Conversations – The Book

EDGY Conversations is a gut-wrenchingly honest, no-holds-barred discussion about confronting and fixing the beliefs and behaviors that limit your ability to be amazing. It tackles head-on the uncomfortable yet powerful truth that pain, fear and love – yes, love – have a huge impact on success. EDGY is how ordinary people become extraordinary.

EDGY is how a master chef, a World War II veteran, a 15-year-old girl, a homeless retired paramedic, an Australian potato farmer and a shoe executive became amazing, did the unthinkable and forever changed their corner of the world.

And EDGY is how you can achieve outrageous success, regardless of who or where you are in life right now. You don’t need another book on success. You just need to be more EDGY. Order a copy now!

Edgy Audit

An EDGY audit helps you understand your business strengths and weaknesses. It’s simple. Answer 12 multiple choice questions. We’ll serve up your results and give you an EDGY score that is all your own. You can share it with your friends, compare it with your peers, and come back again later and see how EDGY you’ve become over time.

Waldschmidt Partners International

Ready to change the rules and dominate your industry? Waldschmidt Partners is the strategy firm that leaders look to for help when they need solutions to hard business problems. Our insights are profound. Our reach is global. We’ve got your back. Even when it’s not easy, we’re doing what it takes to make sure you are where you want to be.

Edgy Quotes

Do you need a fresh, inspired perspective on life? Then you need an EDGY Quotes. Drawn from my speaking and writing, each quote is a shareable insight into the unconventional side of success we often take for granted. There are hundreds of quotes to choose from. When you find what you like, you can share it on social media or print out a sleek piece of inspirational artwork for your office wall. All free. All edgy. All guaranteed to get you moving in the right direction.

Edgy Manifesto

Ever wonder why you keep following all the rules and never seem to get ahead? The EDGY Manifesto is our battle strategy against traditional business advice. We outline the problem with listening to gurus, present ways to make a difference in a crowded business landscape, and share 4 keys philosophies that we uncovered researching the habits of highly successful people. You’ll never look at life the same again — and that’s probably a good thing.