6.5.2017 Extreme Behavior

How To Make A Way When There Isn’t One.

“Inveniam viam aut faciam.” That was supposedly Hannibal’s response to his generals’ advice that crossing the Alps by elephants is impossible. It means: “I shall find a way or I shall make one.” For Robert Peary, it was his life motto. The words inscribed on his tombstone. In 1881, he joined the US Navy Civil Engineers Read More 

29.4.2017 Attitude | Extreme Behavior

When You’re Just Not Willing To Give Up

Walking down Shotwell St in San Francisco, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the thin, nondescript brown building with its two businesses splitting the narrow front. Pedestrians walking past on October 3, 2015 might’ve smelled the scent of freshly cooked pasta and sauce wafting from the building. Inside, an artist was cooking up an experience: Read More 

22.4.2017 Extreme Behavior

You’re Not Willing To Be That Weirdo.

Hitting a golf ball correctly takes years of practice. Center yourself over the ball. Start with your arms straight and bend a little at the waste. Rotate the club backwards in an arc up towards your shoulder while twisting the hips to follow suit. Drive the clubhead through the ball like a hockey slapshot with Read More 

15.4.2017 Extreme Behavior | Pain

If It Doesn’t Suck You’re Not Doing It Right.

Like so many other 10-year-old boys, Kieran Behan went into surgery for a small tumor discovered on his leg. It was a routine surgery, performed thousands of times across the United Kingdom. Cut out the growth. Stitch up the wound. Today, of course, was to be no different. Except it was. As the surgeon cut Read More 

8.4.2017 Extreme Behavior | Leadership

Success is Primal.

To this day, a small white box sits tucked away in the archives of a nondescript building in downtown Copenhagen stuffed next to other artifacts from a time when “frozen” meant death. The back of that seemingly insignificant box reads, “Grandfather’s beard, from the days of exile.” Inside that box lies the bushy, reddish-orange beard of Read More 

1.4.2017 Extreme Behavior

You’re Just A Flop Away From Success.

As Mamo Wolde prepared to make the turn into the stadium for the final 400 meters of the 1968 Mexico City Summer Olympics marathon, he anticipated the roar of 80,000 people cheering him on to a gold medal. He was a full 3 minutes ahead of the next closest runner and about to become the Read More