Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

October 30, 2017

11 Chrome Extensions For the Inspired High Performer

Whether you are a one-person show and do all of your business work alone, or you have a whole team to help you complete your daily tasks, there is always technological help that you can use to make your day more productive.

And since you probably spend most of your day using a web browser — handling email, reviewing projects, or working on deals — one of the best ways to be more efficient in your work is by using Google Chrome extensions.

We, here at The EDGY Empire, like to stay — not only ahead of the game — but on top of the game. We also believe in the old adage, “Work Harder Smarter.” 

Here are the top 11 Google Chrome extensions that I use regularly to make my days more productive — as I use my time more efficiently.

For the record, these are not paid endorsements, these are just some of the things that we are happy we don’t have to live without. 

1. Loom

Don’t just give instructions. Show them exactly what you need. Video screencasts are a great way to offer value to your customers or prospective clients or employees. Pulling your hair out because the tools you are using require a rocket scientist, is not a very attractive feature to exhibit (especially on video).

Loom takes the guesswork (and the hair pulling) out of any and all screencast tasks. It’s user-friendly and compatible across all mediums. And when you download the extension, it is right at your fingertips. So you can stop stressing and get back to making awesome progress. 


2. LastPass

LastPass is the definite go-to for password management. Once you download the extension onto your browser and get it set up, that little magic button remembers and fills in your passwords, credit cards, and hard-to-remember personal information.

You will never again have a headache trying to remember if it was a capital A… or lowercase…. with an exclamation point…. or a question mark. Another great feature is that it works across all your different platforms (if you aren’t using Chrome) and syncs directly to your mobile device. You can try out the free version, which has some awesome benefits, or the paid version that is worth every penny. 


3. RescueTime

What if I told you that 10 hours of your work week was spent on the internet being every bit of zero productive? You’d probably think I was crazy, or you’d admit it and be ashamed deep down.

RescueTime lets you accurately assess how much time you (and your employees) are spending on each and every site and browser throughout the day. It tracks the “active” windows and stops tracking when you leave the window or stop being active. Then it sends you a report letting you know where and how much of your time is being spent. 


4. Full Page Screen Capture 

You never know when you are going to need a screenshot of an entire webpage to share with your team (or a coworker who just doesn’t get technology).  This extension allows you to do just that. It’s the only screen capturer that fully works on Chrome on Mac OSX. It was specifically designed for that purpose.

After you screen capture,  you can just right click and save, or drag and drop to your desktop. No permissions. No headache. Just capture, save (and edit if necessary), and share. 


5. Grammarly

This Grammarly extension is a complete lifesaver, especially if you are blogging for your business or writing daily email communications. As you work, your spelling and grammar errors are underlined and you can click and make corrections immediately.

Google Docs is not currently supported by Grammarly, but you can save and upload your document into the actual Grammarly online platform — regardless of what browser or file you are trying to create. It is worth every second and penny spent. You will not only look like a wise business professional, you will look like an English professor.  


6. Wikiwand 

Goodbye jumbled information on Wikipedia. This Wikiwand tool is sure to be a hit to anyone who spends any substantial amount of time doing research using Wikipedia. The outline tab is well organized and user-friendly. The pictures are sharp. The webpage itself is simple, sleek and easy on the eyes.  

Wikiwand is basically like taking your dog to the groomer after he played in the mud with a skunk— and picking him up two hours later when he’s looking good and smelling fresh— Hello, Gorgeous. Goodbye frustration on Wikipedia. Wikiwand is a definite win for Team EDGY.  


7. Wikibuy

If you value your time like I do, you probably don’t like to spend half your day walking around the local bargain mart looking for gifts or prizes to give away at your next networking function. So what’s your go-to? Online shopping is my guess.

Wikibuy stockpiles all the latest coupons and deals at places like Amazon and Neiman Marcus and automatically applies them at the checkout — like internet magic.  You do have to set it up when you first install it, but I promise you won’t even miss those 12 seconds. 


8. Lusha 

If you are in HR or looking to get connected with a prospective client, Lusha is definitely an extension worth having. This extension works in LinkedIn, where pretty much everybody on Earth is now. Forget about first connections, your prospect doesn’t even have to even be a connection.

If there is reliable information to be found, Lusha will find it and provide you with a working email address or mobile phone number. The extension is very user-friendly and has a 98% user satisfaction rate. Lusha is amazing for helping to create effective and personalized marketing campaigns, which, as you know,  leads to success and more revenue for your business. 


9. Asana

If productivity and task tracking is your goal, Asana might be just the program you are looking for. Once you get your team set up and get a feel for the Asana program, add the Asana extension to your Google Chrome. You will be completely satisfied with how quickly you can add tasks, assign them to a team member, and share links directly from your browser.

This is a major time saver when getting projects out of your head and into writing. You can also track all of your work and easily communicate with team members. And if you’re into upgrading awesome, check out Instagantt — which turns Asana into a full Gantt chart of awesomeness.


10. Avast

You can’t forget to be cautious when so much of your time is spent online.  The Avast Online Security extension takes a peek at all the sites you are visiting and lets you know if they can be trusted or not. It’s kind of like your own online private investigator, by blocking websites from storing cookies and collecting information.

Avast will let you know when you’ve stumbled upon a site that is known for phishing so you can steer clear and keep your business and personal information safe. It’s not 100% of what you need to be doing to stay safe, but it sure is a great start.


11. The EDGY Tab

Call me crazy, but I wouldn’t be very EDGY if I didn’t add The EDGY Tab to the list of must-have extensions. I created this tab to give you a little boost of awesomeness every day because you won’t always have someone standing behind your desk patting you on the back and giving you a little boost of encouragement.

The EDGY Tab is that metaphorical cheerleader. Every time you open up a new tab in your browser, you will be greeted with a positive motivational saying. And on a bad day, you can just keep opening up tabs, because every tab is a new tidbit of awesome! 



These few tools that we love should be a great start for you to explore how you work best and how you can use technology in your browser to let your brilliance shine bright.

Check these out. See which ones work best for you. Suggest a few that I might have missed.

What are the tools you use to help you perform at a high level?

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