Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

June 26, 2018


You wish you had some momentum. You get discouraged. Things seem to be falling apart. They aren’t working out the way you had planned.

You want to call and vent to someone. You want some encouragement. But nobody is answering the phone. Nobody is texting back. 

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a tidbit of encouragement. 

If today is that day, you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’re feeling stressed and like you are lacking momentum, take a few minutes to watch the videos below. Or just put in some earbuds and listen because these 11 videos will help you build momentum and inspire you to change your thinking. 

1. Don’t Quit

In this four minute video, you will be encouraged to do anything. Even one small step in the direction of your dreams gets your momentum going. So take one small step to get to the big milestone. 

2. Life Goes On

You have this moment to start. It’s not that you won’t have other moments. But for right now, this is the only one you have and you won’t get this exact moment ever again. 

3. No One Cares

You sign a contract with yourself about what you will or what you won’t do for success. And the truth is, no one cares what you’ve promised yourself. You are the one who has to hold yourself accountable. You have to be the one who cares about what happens. 

4. Rise and Shine

What voice are you listening to? The one that gets up and gets it done? Or the one that tells you that it can wait? Do you take the easy way? What choice are you going to make? 

5. Do it Today

Why do you keep waiting for tomorrow to start? Because you have your whole life to get there? Are you making excuses to not start today? The moment is now. You may not get tomorrow. 

6. The Mission

Sometimes things work out exactly as planned. And other times, things fall apart. All the way apart. Sometimes you have to walk your own path. It may be a lonely path, but it’s one all your own. Commit to being OK with that. 

7. Learn to Fly

You have to take your reality and make it exactly what you want it to be. You have to learn to walk before you run. But once you learn to run, what’s stopping you from flying? 

8. Clarity is key

We need to keep moving forward. How much of what you did today helped you create a better tomorrow? You need to know what your goal is and how you are going to get there. You need clarity. 

9. The Struggle

There is no magic pill to success. You need to have the hustle. You need to have the dedication. You have to learn the hard lessons. 

10. Refuse to Fail

Failure is always a possibility. But sometimes, we fail because of ourselves. It’s not because of chance. It’s because of a decision we made. It’s time to refuse to fail. 

11. Do the Hard Things

To be successful, you have to do the hard things. Stop playing it safe. Invest in yourself. Be accountable. Easy to say, hard to do. But moving towards where you want to be is not supposed to be easy. 

Words of encouragement aren’t meant to be listened to once. They are to be repeated.

Beaten in your brain. Make a playlist. Save the ones you enjoyed the most. Listen to something encouraging daily. It’s too easy to get lost in our own negative mindset.

Find the positivity. Press Play. Repeat. 

Whatever it takes to get your momentum back on track.

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