Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 27, 2017


Most of the time you know what you want and you know how to get it. Or at least where to look for that information.

But for some reason, it’s only from November 27th through the end of the year that you start planning how you are going to change your life next year.


What are you hoping to accomplish next year? Lose weight? Get more organized? Save more? Spend less? Eat better? Join a gym? Change jobs? Get the promotion? Get the girl? Get the guy? Get married? Catch a break?

It doesn’t matter what is on your list or whether you are reading this on November 27 or March 17 or any other day of the year, you don’t have to – and shouldn’t – wait for a new year to arrive to begin working on your life’s resolution list.

Here are 11 reasons why:

1. Every day is already the start of a new year

A year from today, where will you be? Will you be happy with the changes you’ve made?

You don’t need a calendar to start “the year of a new you.” Maybe your new calendar runs differently. Maybe yours starts right now as Day 1. You don’t have to wait until January 1st. It’s actually better if you don’t.

Putting off until tomorrow or next month what you could and should be doing today is only going to make it harder to start.

2. You can a lot done between now and then

Now is as good a time as any to get started. Why wait to put those healthy eating habits into place? The perfect time to eat more fruits and veggies and less fast food is now. If your goal is to be healthier, there is no reason to binge on sugar cookies for the next three weeks and then start.

Now is as good a time as any. Or even better.  No matter the date, you can get a lot of goals started or even accomplished if you stop putting off until the New Year what you can do today. Imagine how awesome you will feel a few months from now having already accomplished part of your goal.

3. You won’t feel overwhelmed and quit

It doesn’t make sense to write down a list of 12 things you are going to do next year to change your life and then start them all in one day. Most of those things are probably big things that you can’t accomplish in a day. Right? That’s why you quit last year.

Take them one at a time. There are twelve months in a year. Take one each month and get into a groove of doing it – then add on another each subsequent month.

You will only have one thing on your list at a time and you won’t be overwhelmed.

4. You won’t have to beat yourself up in February

You know the drill. You make the list. Have good intentions. And don’t follow through. Then you beat yourself up for not getting anything on the list done because, it was too overwhelming to do it all at once.

If you get started on your list now, you may have one – or more – already knocked out by the New Year. Maybe you want to get organized. Now is a great time to get rid of those old coats in your closet and pitch the things you don’t need or use anymore. Wake up January 1st already organized.

Ditch that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.  Feel great. Feed off the momentum of your small successes along the way.


5. You won’t be pressured

If you start working on you today, when the New Year rolls around you won’t feel pressured to prove to everyone else that you are serious about your New Year’s resolutions. You will have already started them and you can quietly keep on succeeding day by day in meeting them.

You won’t have the pressure to get it all done at once, you can focus on getting them all done one by one. Less pressure.

6. You don’t need another excuse anyway

You always find a reason to explain away why you haven’t started that “thing” you keep meaning to start.

You know the truth that waiting until New Year’s day is just another excuse. It’s another reason to put off doing what you say you really want. You don’t need another excuse for why you aren’t meeting your own standards.

You don’t need another excuse. You just need to start today. It’s that simple./

7. You can set more attainable goals

Sure losing fifty pounds sounds good. So does saving $3,000. But the truth is, those are big intimidating numbers staring you in the face at the beginning of a new year. Why not start now and make it more manageable?

You can still lose the fifty pounds, but divided over 12 months, that’s less than 5 pounds a month. Three thousand dollars saved over 12 months is only $250 a month. Now doesn’t that sound better?

Slow down. Get your act together. Move steadily towards where you want to be.

8. You’ll already have a plan

Do you know who doesn’t need a resolution? People who already have a plan for success in place.

Yes, choosing to eat healthily is hard work. That’s why so many people put it at the top of their resolution lists, but the truth is, if you’re already eating healthy and not overindulging in holiday meals, you won’t need a resolution.

Resolutions are for people who have no resolve. That’s why resolutions rarely make it to the next New Year’s Eve party successfully. Start now and you can focus on loving those around you on January 1st instead of worrying about how to cook low-fat black-eyed peas and collard greens.


9. You feel obligated to make those resolutions

Just because half the world is making New Year’s Resolutions, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Like your mama used to say, “if all your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you jump too?”

Successful people don’t do things just because everyone else is doing it. So you shouldn’t feel obligated to make New Year’s resolutions knowing that you aren’t 100% committed to finishing them.

Keep it simple. Just pick the one thing right now that you are 100% committed to and get started.

10. You will have more stick-to-it-iveness

According to U.S. News, 80% of resolution-makers have given up by the middle of February. They have talked themselves out of waking up an hour early because they’d rather sleep. They have decided not to diet because Valentine’s Day is coming up and they love chocolate. They’ve opted not to take the stairs because they are running late and need those extra 3 minutes.

If you start forming your habits today, you will have a higher chance of sticking to them because they are something you really want to do.

And let’s face it, you don’t have to wait until a new year begins to do what is in your best interest. You can do that today.

11. You care too much to fail

Let’s say it again. In the past, your New Year’s resolutions have been unrealistic and unachievable. When you start them and don’t finish, you feel like you’ve failed.

Then you lock yourself in your bathroom, or your bedroom or your house for hour-after-hour of self-loathing because you couldn’t do something as simple as following a resolution. But you never take into consideration that sometimes those big goals have smaller more attainable steps.

You don’t eat an apple by shoving the whole thing in your mouth. You take bites until you get to the core. And so it is with being successful in life. And you can start that today.


It’s time to treat your goals a bit better. It’s time to make progress instead of excuses. 

Here is your challenge:

  1. Build a list of your top goals for next year
  2. Ask yourself: “What is one small thing I could do today to get started on that?”
  3. Do that one thing
  4. Celebrate your success
  5. Do it all again tomorrow

That might seem ridiculously simple to you, but that’s really the essence of success and resolutions and building momentum towards getting to where you want to be.

Start today. You’ll find the success you’ve been looking for.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt doesn’t just talk about leveling up. He’s obsessed with it. He's set records as an ultra-runner and been the personal strategist for the leading business leaders of our time. He wrote a book, called EDGY Conversations that accidentally became a worldwide bestseller and continues to share his insights from the stage as a keynote speaker and on the blogs and podcasts you will find here. Most days, you'll find Dan heads-down, working on breakthrough strategies for his clients at EDGY Inc, a highly-focused, invite-only, business strategy execution company based out of Silicon Valley.