Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 29, 2018


We’ve almost gotten to the end of our lists on purpose and to the end of January.

We’ve looked at the myths about purpose, how to find your purpose, how to know when you’ve found your purpose. We even looked at some of the unlikely places where people have found purpose

With all this purpose floating around, it’s about time we talked about how to put your purpose in motion.

After all, without forward motion, your purpose is just going to be standing still right next to you.

And that won’t do anyone any good. So here are 11 strategies to help you out your purpose into motion.

All of them work. Find a few that work best for you.

1. Find Something You Can Sell

Figuring out what you can offer that will also generate revenue is going to both add stress and relieve stress from your life.

It will add it, because you will have to brainstorm to find what that “thing” is, but it will relieve stress when you can use that “thing” to either supplement your income or completely replace your current income.

You don’t want to give your gifts or ideas away for free — especially if you can’t afford to do it right now.

2. Make Money Doing What You Love

Building on number one, if you find something you love, and you can put a price on it, don’t feel bad for doing so.

You should have no problems about doing what you love and getting paid for it. Whether that means selling music lessons, selling business plans, writing resumes for people, or walking dogs, find your passion and use it to fund your life.

There’s no shame in making money. 

3. Make Money So You CAN Do What You Love

If you have to work a job that doesn’t have you springing out of bed and living life like a musical, it’s OK! You are not alone.

You can still use that job as the springboard to start working on doing what you love.

Maybe you can’t do what you love full time, but if you can fund the start of doing what you love by making money doing what you tolerate, that’s a good place to start.

Make money to fund your dream. 

4. Keep Your Day Job

Even though this is number 4 on the list, I personally feel like this is the most important tidbit of information. So I’ll say it again… “KEEP YOUR DAY JOB!!” I repeat, “DO NOT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.”

If you can make money doing what you love, that is beyond awesome, but if you are contemplating quitting your job to “attempt” to do what you love with no savings and no backup plan, you need to rethink your life choices for a few more minutes.

Make sure you have a financial cushion and/or a backup plan before you tell anyone to take your job and shove it! 

5. Stop Overthinking It

Take the first step to putting your purpose in motion.

Sometimes that step is a huge, difficult step, but sometimes it’s so ridiculously easy you may feel like you can skip it. DON’T.

If your dream and purpose are to open a coffee shop and you have no idea how to brew coffee, your next step may just be at your local Starbucks or some other coffee venue.

If you can’t afford the classes, but want to learn the ins-and-outs, take the next obvious step. Even if it’s a part-time gig just to learn a skill, don’t skip the first step! 

6. Just Do One Thing

Before you walk out the door to go to work, do one thing that will put you closer to your goal and your purpose.

That thing may be a five-minute workout. It may be reading a chapter of a business book. It may be baking a new flavor of cupcake for the bakery that only exists in your head at the moment.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just take the first step and do one thing to keep you propelling ahead. 

7. Do Not Be Disturbed

On your off day or your weekend off (if you get those), cut out some time just for you where you can not and will not be disturbed while you are working on your new venture. While you are working on your purpose.

A lot of times people think the “thing” you are focusing on is just a past time. Something that you do “for fun.” They don’t realize you are planning your future.

So put on the “Do Not Disturb” message on your phone. You don’t have to explain yourself. Just block the world out and get in your zone. 

8. Get Some Accountability

Having accountability is not just important when you are trying to lose that last five pounds. Accountability is an invaluable resource in every area of your life. So find an accountability partner and share your plans with them. Give them your clear, consice goals. Give them your plan for success. Even give them your procrastination list (that’s the list of things you do when you don’t want to think about real life: movies, games, drinking, etc.) and ask them to hold you accountable for your actions. And give them permission to push you even when it makes you uncomfortable. 

9. Find Your Peers

Look around for people who are doing the same thing or working in the same field as you.

Find three people that you would like to work with, connect with, be mentored by and reach out to them. Most people are genuinely interested in seeing other people succeed.

So ask for help. Ask for pointers. Study their methods. Learn from the best. And if they say “no” to helping you, just stalk their social media pages for tips like the rest of us do. 

10. Beg, Borrow, and Barter

Even if you have the funds to start your own company or float yourself along for the next six months, live like you don’t. There is one thing for certain when it comes to money — when you’re broke, you find creative ways to get out of a jam.

That may mean bartering your talents for goods or go without the things that aren’t actual necessities. Being broke and spending like you are broke will benefit you in the long run. Because you don’t want to overindulge on a grand idea just because you can.

You may need those funds later on for something major. So beg, borrow, and barter your way to success. 

11. Don’t Take Sh*t Personally

When you ask for help and someone tells you “NO,” don’t take it personally. When you ask for feedback and someone tells you something you don’t want to hear even if it’s true, don’t take it personally.

Constructive criticism is meant to make you better. Tough love is meant to make you stronger.

So if you need to toughen up in order to not take things personally, then do it. Most people aren’t out to hurt you or your feelings. They are trying to help. You are just too close to the source. And we are all sensitive about our babies. 


That’s the key with purpose. You might not know everything you need to know right now to feel comfortable sharing your sense of mission with the world.

But you can get started putting your purpose in motion.

And you can get started right now. This moment. 

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