Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 14, 2008

Does “Fitting In” Matter?

Let me cut to the conclusion and then we will Tarantino this discussion backwards? NO! (Fitting in DOES NOT really matter… at all… ever…)

What’s the deal with Peerville telling us we have to be a certain way or we can’t play nicely together? (Do I really want to play with you in the first place?) And why is playing “nicely” such a priority. Is our need for conflict avoidance that great? Our insecurities that prevalent? Our secrets so compelling… that we must NOT allow ourselves to be scrutinized?

Think about this with me! WHY we are compelled to run away when someone else starts to voice opposition to our behavior or value position…

Let’s get real genuine here. We all have to fight the urge to “want” to be a part of the posse.

“It’s a temptation to want to jump on the bandwagon for the trend du jour — where is our internal compass for acitivities de jure? (DEWism)

From church groups to campus fraternities to the corporate landscape — pressure to conform seems to grow stronger. (I want to make this point stronger, but my mother reads this blog so I have been warned to clean up my language or I might have soap for Thanksgiving Dinner…)


  • Does the group always know what is best… for me?
  • Does the majority have the same values, beliefs, and goals… that I have?
  • Does the world even care that my opinion matters to me… other than that I get back in line?

Ask yourself these questions like I have and than try to defend to yourself that “FITTING IN” is all that important.

It’s not! It never has been! and…. It will never will be!

So let’s all just stop getting back in line! If we each do it… well imagine the possibilities!

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