Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 15, 2008

Try NOT to Care TOO much!

Peter Drucker made the observation that: “Business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation…” (…thanks to Kevin Young for sharing this quote)That being said….

If I see another business plan that does not include some type of revenue generation….. I don’t know. I may just internally combust!

PLEASE….. stop imagining you can change the world without making or exchanging some type of economic capital (which includes begging)

MONEY is what powers opportunity! (Sorry to burst bubbles here…)

You don’t get in your car and expect to drive across country on ONE tank of gas (which is almost $5 per gallon). SO, don’t expect to fire up your “Thought Brigade” and turn into Amazon.com because you care more!


The world doesn’t even really care about CARING anymore… In our economic recession, we are concerned about surviving…

I just back from going to Michigan for a wedding last week. (think the Detroit area…) I was shocked at the economic depression. SHOCKED! Good hard working individuals were broken by “The Man…” (still trying to find that guy…).

So what do we do? Does it matter that we CARE about these people? Would anything other than revenue generating enterprises be even slightly engaging to these recently jobless individuals…

NO… NO…. NO….

It requires VALUE CREATION! To help my friends in Detroit, I have to figure out how to build enough revenue to destabilize the current culture of fear and depression.

Isn’t it then SILLY that I would ever create a business plan that didn’t include ways to significantly produce REVENUE?

If you want to be a charity, get 501(C)(3) status… If it won’t pass the Detroit test, don’t send it to me!

(BTW, I am not completely heartless. My years in Seminary solidified my value system. I just get upset when people try to defend horrible business planning with the “feel good” tactics of giving back to the community… STOP!)

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