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by Dan Waldschmidt

June 26, 2009

Polarize not Paralyze…

create a fire around you

You can’t change the world without polarizing the people you run into — your friends, your community, and even your “not so much” fans.  Polarization creates “sides”.  It’s the line in the sand that says “either you are with me or not”. And it’s tough being the person who is polarizing.  Here is your guarantee:  someone will always hate you.  Not just dislike you.  Not even disagree with you.  Hate your guts!

And then you have some great friends who are the polar opposites…  They defend you to a fault.  They stand by you when no else does.  They are your brothers.  They are the people that help you change the world.

To change the world you need to polarize!

The opposite is to paralyze… It’s a middle-of-the-road-please-don’t-be-angry-at-me position that results only in drama.  So don’t be afraid to polarize (just don’t paralyze):

  1. Be obsessively passionate…   AND
  2. Avoid needing to compromise…

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Here’s the first glance at what we will be talking about:

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  • Stop Selling Lemonade: Empathize with your target with your messaging
  • Drink Your Coffee Hot: Maximize your channel marketing to sales handoff

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