Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 15, 2009

The wrong meds won’t fix anything…


I have had a sinus infection for the past ten days or so which has really worked me over.  I usually pop a few Sudafed-24 hour and in a day or two it all goes away.  It’s a proven formula that allows me to continue working hard core even through the haze.

This past week, I decided to go through  the fine art of using regular Sudafed (30mg) tablets… and it didn’t work.  Frankly, things just got worse.

My buddy, Joe, likes to bust my chops that I am hurting my own productivity because I just won’t head over to CVS and get the right meds to fix my infection (which I finally did on Sunday morning… and need to do again right now because it is coming back strong).

Makes me think about selling…

I hear and read a million formulas on selling.  There is strategy for everything — from selling to “big shots” to making money virtually on the internet.  Some of it works and a lot of it doesn’t.  That’s why you need to keep trying to find what works for you and throw away the stuff that doesn’t work.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind about a particular strategy or idea you haven’t tried before.  Don’t be afraid to stop doing something that your boss or sales trainer is trying to get you to do.  Use what works!

My sinus infection is better because I got the right meds to fix me.  Your sales problems will get better when you get the formula to fix your problems…

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