Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 14, 2009

Why letting down is not an option…


I get asked all the time why I push so hard all the time. I work when I am sick.  I work when I am pissed.  I work when I have worked enough.

So why not let down? Why not slow down the pace?

Because I am inspired by who I want to be…  Because I am impatient with my own progress…   Because I want to be more than I am right now…

And more importantly, I don’t want to lose my edge

I don’t think I am alone either.  I read this quote from Chris Brogan and it really put a framework around my thinking about always driving hard toward a goal.


The tides of life can either pull your dreams away from you or push you faster toward them.  It’s a struggle! But letting down means you let go of your dreams.  And for me, that’s just not an option I want to consider.

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