You = Your Idea of You


Part of achieving outrageously enviable performance is understanding who you are.  What you want and why you want it.
Now stop!  Get that last idea out of your head.  Here is what what you just thought: “I already know what I want.  In fact, I just told that guy over there what I was trying to do….”

There are ab0ut 63 different combinations of this type of answer and they are ALL wrong.

I want the real answer.  The answer that you haven’t told any one about.

This reason is a little more moving.  It’s personal.  It’s foundational to who are you.

AND it’s the difference between the life and death of your dreams.

You need to believe that.  Listen with me:

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“You are wonderful” may sound corny, wimpy, fem, or altogether nutty, but until you believe that YOU (yourself) are ALL you need, you probably won’t find yourself accomplishing outrageously enviable success…

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