Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

September 22, 2009

Searcy Smacks-Down RFP Nonsense

I got a call about 6 weeks ago from a close friend of mine who used to be a top adviser when I was CEO at ACCESS.  Federico was a great compliment to what I did, and so we worked closely on managing large clients.  After the purchase he moved on to a billion dollar company in Manhattan that is doing an impressive job of building a legal technologies specialty.  He called about an RFP that he was trying to win…

And so we put our heads together on what WILL BE a winning solution.  I obviously can’t tell you what Federico and I put together.  But I can put you in touch with the sensei who helped me put some structure to my wild thoughts about the RFP process.

Meet Tom Searcy….

Tom was the co-author of the wildly successful book, Whale Hunting, and a week ago I got his latest masterpiece, RFP’s Suck.  It’s the best I’ve read yet on this subject of handling RFP’s.  Frankly, it’s just about the best book ever on how to land HUGE deals like a sales ninja-sniper (that’s a new life form I just created).

And I don’t do book reviews on The DEW View, so I will just let you know that if you have at least $29 in your wallet, you need to hop on Amazon.com and grab a copy.  You’ll see what I am talking about.  You literally won’t be able to sleep for a week with the tools that Tom lays out for you to CRUSH down big deals.


And “NO” before you get cynical with me, Tom is not paying me to get all “teary eyed” about his book.  I am passionate about all things “No BS That Help Me Land Big Deals” (that’s the only category in my current play book).  You should be too if you want to see your business grow in a big way in a short time.

(DISCLAIMER:  I will admit that after I saw what Tom was up to, I hired the same gurus at Channel V Media who published his book to help me with my book coming out sometime.   I will tell you more about that process as I start putting together more plans.)

But back to Tom’s book…. Here are some highlights that I will share with you to get you salivating.  Feel free to add your own “Best of Searcy” highlights in the comments below:

page 6 – most RFPs have little to do with the opportunity offered in the official document….. (learn how to “read between the BS lines)

page 15 – all RFPs are flawed, written by people way too busy to be writing them… (if you answer just what is “written” you are missing out on what is most important)

page 31 – an RFP open meeting can be a trap… (discover hidden secrets with a teamed approach to intelligence gathering)

page 44 buyers don’t share everything they are looking for in a new vendor… (find out how buyers chose who lands the deal)

page 60 – implementing “fear fighters” to win over reluctant buyers… (build a matrix of possibilities that give you the advantage over any “angle” that threatens your success)

page 70 – saying what you mean in language the buyers understands… (transform industry buzzwords into key words that your buyer really understands)

page 81 – be the “bad boy” of RFPs and disrupt the process… (tactics for “real time” changing the rules of the RFP process)

page 100 – building an Executive Summary for executives to read “executively”… (differentiating your opening shots with valuable information that close the deal from the start)

page 112 – the DOs and DON’Ts of the entire RFP process… (#13 — Do remember that your RFP is an argument, not a writing assignment!)

page 120 – Eight “real live” RFPs examples presented and reviewed by Tom and his team… (“read-it-to-believe-it” type stuff)

At just under 150 pages, you will literally read this book in a short 45 minute lunch break.

The point isn’t really Tom and how he K.O.s the RFP process.  The point is YOU!  Giving you the tools to be wildly successful regardless of your current size…

Think about this with me for a minute.  Allow yourself to “dream big” for a minute……  What could you do (personally, professionally, emotionally….) if you landed a deal 200 times bigger than your average deal?  What would you attempt to conquer next?  How would you “give back” to your industry, your community, and your family?

You can dream big and live even bigger by taking the time to learn how to master HUGE deals that involve RFPs.  I wish I would have had this book a few years ago…

What do you think?

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