Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

March 23, 2010

Karma: 5 Ways to Change your Future.

What you do matters.  Everything.   The big stuff.  The little stuff.  Even the annoying stuff.

It all matters and its all a part of that thing we call karma…

It matters that you waste time.  It matters that you are lazy.  It matters that you blame others for your failures.

It matters because your destiny matters.  And karma is the pathway that takes you there (whether you like it or not)

What does this even mean?

Right now, you probably think I’m too full of green tea.  That I am high on sales book-burning fumes.  You’re not alone…

Over morning coffee at my parent’s home a few months ago, I was talking through my idea of karma  and consequences with my dad when my mom popped into the conversation and noted that she was confused by why I was writing about karma.

What does Bhuddist philosophy have to do with explosive revenue performance?  And why was I spending so much time on this nonsense instead of just clearly showing people how to sell a lot of stuff really fast.

Well, that got me thinking.  If mom (who was a psychology minor) wasn’t getting it, maybe I needed to be a bit more clear.  Maybe I needed to take the time to explore this idea of karma….


So… what is karma?

A simple understanding of karma is the fact that our actions lead to our destiny.  That sooner or later what we do (who we really are) pushes us toward our ultimate destiny.

It is self-actualization in the microcosms of daily transaction…

It’s understanding that getting up earlier means you have more time to conquer the world.

It’s the simple logic that getting up 1 extra hour earlier a day for 50 years equates to an extra 2,281 business days (or 6.25 years) of conquest.  You win more when you fight more….

It’s easy to say that working hard is important.  But that’s not karmic.  It’s whimsical.

Karma attaches to actions rather than ideas.

It’s causal rather than casual…

Karma is literally “you at work” building the destiny that you put in the effort to realize.

Then… why is karma so important?

So… if you only get the destiny that you design, what you design is pretty important.


You probably don’t want to screw that up.  If there is a list of things to not flub, “destiny creation” has to be high up on that list.

We all want an extra 6.25 years of conquest.  But when we have 18,250 separate decisions to stay in bed or “conquer”, most of us choose comfort.  It seems small at the time…  It’s just 1 hour.

The importance of karma is in understanding the outcome of individual decisions.

Decisions to be honest.  Decisions to be creative.  Decisions to change the world.

These decisions that we make (hundreds of times a day) build our future.

Today’s decisions.  So, they all count…

So, how can you change your karma, today…

You start by believing that you matter.  That you matter and what you do matters.

By believing that what you do now changes the possibilities for the future.

It’s a mindset.  (An “edgy” mindset — in case you were wondering.)

It means you:

  1. Choosing to be positive when things are scary…
  2. Fighting to win even when you just got the wind knocked out of you…
  3. Being honest even when it means you get embarrassed…
  4. Taking the time to learn new skills, new talents, new ideas when it’s easy to just “be you”…
  5. Investing in personal inspiration instead of letting anxiety drive your decisions…

Eventually leads you to:

  1. Outrageously creative solutions that no one else sees.
  2. Win more often than anyone else in the world.
  3. Trust yourself when one else thinks you can do it.
  4. Be more flexible, transparent, and personal than your competitors.
  5. Realize your dreams — when you would have ordinarily given up.

And that’s pretty cool in a “the picture on the wall looks pretty” sort of way.  But when you really start looking at each of these elements — creativity, trust, flexibility, dreams — and break them down even further, the outcomes can be even more explosive:

  1. Being positive 20 times a day for 15 years in a row is 109,500 opportunities to create a happier destiny
  2. Winning 1 more time per year could be the opportunity for 30 amazing, mind-blowing successes over a legacy…
  3. Telling the truth just 1 more time a day means you have 300 more way a year to trust yourself
  4. Reading 1 new book per week for 22 years means 1,144 new ideas from the smartest minds in the world…
  5. Creating 5 new meaningful (non-Facebook/Twitter) relationships per month is 2,100 new people you can count on when you really need help.

A lot of small choices make a big difference.

What if you had 109,000 happier moments, 30 more successes, 2,100 new friends, 1,100 new ideas, and 300 more ways to trust yourself?

Could you conquer more?  Could you do some outrageous things?


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