Taking Stock of the Wrong Market.

Just because the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops 200 points in a day doesn’t mean much (if anything) to the success of your business.
Financial analysts prattling on about market compression and share exposure are just distractions for you.

Frankly, your wealth is tied up in what you are doing right now.

You are valuable as you plan to be.

Wealth isn’t just money.

It’s focus.  It’s intensity.  It’s extreme behavior.

According to The Spectrem Group, more than 95% of wealthy small business owners attribute their success to simply “hard work”.

Not savvy.  Not advice from Wall Street.  Not a non-stop news feed.

Hard work.

You can take stock of what people on television tell you is important.

Or you can ignore unnecessary drama and be brutally honest about how dedicated you are to achieving your destiny.

That’s the market you need to be taking stock of.


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