Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

December 30, 2011

Ahead of Time.

What you do matters. When you do it often matters more.

It’s easy to assume that you always have tomorrow to get started doing amazing things.

That your bold ideas will still be relevant some other time.

But that’s not how time works.

There is no later.  Only lost opportunity.

Every moment matters:

  • To appreciate the difference one decade makes, ask the death row inmate who was wrongly imprisoned.
  • To appreciate the difference one year makes, ask the student who failed their freshman year in high school.
  • To appreciate the difference one month makes, ask the grieving mother who gave lifeless birth to a premature infant.
  • To appreciate the difference one week makes, ask the newspaper editor who just lost out on breaking news.
  • To appreciate the difference one hour makes, ask separated lovers who are waiting to meet after a year apart.
  • To appreciate the difference one minute makes, ask the traveler who missed their connecting flight.
  • To appreciate the difference one second makes, ask the driver who just avoided a serious traffic accident.
  • To appreciate the difference one milli-second makes, ask the Olympic sprinter who won a silver medal.
Time matters.

Right now is the only time you really have.

You won’t get a better chance to be amazing than right now.  In fact, you might not get another chance at all.

Which is something to think about ahead of time.

Before you have regrets.


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