Divine Rights.

There are rights that we argue to be so important that they are owed to us not as constituents of a government but as creations of a divine creator.
Freedom. The pursuit of self-interests. Fairness.

These rights wise man have argued to be divine.

Rules that need not be approved by man.

But inherent gifts bestowed upon mankind by a higher power.

But freedom isn’t the only right to which you are divinely proportioned. Fairness too.

It is your right – your duty –  to lift yourself beyond your limitations.

To grasp with fervor the enormity of your conquest.

To believe that you are immortal.  Not in life, but in capacity.  In your ability to achieve greatness beyond measure.

The indignance of failure is not that we are frail. Not in our humanity.

It is that we discredit the greatness of our abilities.

That we tread softly upon the conquest of our dreams.

That we trade hope for acceptance.  Peace for passion.

And what is left is neither grandiose nor the greatness of our calling.

It is your divine duty to challenge your frailties.

To lay aside your fear. To wipe away the tears of loss and pain. To forgive yourself of your failures.

And to rise again.

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