Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

January 26, 2012

Creating Angry Mobs.

There’s always a reason to complain about something. There is always a big guy picking on a small guy.  A monster doing depraved things to unsuspecting victims. These plot lines run through our business speak on a daily basis. It’s in our newspapers, our newsletters, and our news shows.

And it makes for a dramatic plot line. Especially when you put yourself in the role as the small guy that is getting taken advantage of unfairly.

But there’s a danger in building conversations solely focused on anger and discontent.

You run the risk of building a business of angry and malcontent clients. Your snarky, jealous conversation attracted those types of people to your business.

And while the mob used to be angry and upset about someone else, eventually that anger can only stay undirected at you for so long. Angry, spiteful people are always looking for the next target of their vitriol.

Which happens to be you.

You’re stuck in the crosshairs of an outraged, irrational mob. A mob you assembled with your angry conversation.

Which is why anger isn’t the best business model to build your company around. Neither is discontent or frustration.

Try hope.

Try inspiring people to change what frustrates them.  Energize the mob to rise beyond the limits of their fear to achieve the change they want to see in the world around them.

Hope inspires lasting change. It transforms purpose and motivation into personal action and accountability.  Anger and spite just makes for a great soap opera.

You control the conversation you’re having.   No one else is to blame.

Just remember that you get what you go for.  If you think life is unfair. You’ll attract clients who think you’re not fair. If you’re angry so will be your clients.

But you can change that by focusing on the good things around you. They’re there. You just have to start pointing them out.

Instead of creating angry mobs.


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