How To Get Places.

The only step that matters is the next one.

Where you were before is just history. Where you end up is a result of where your next step takes you.

It is all too easy to let complex business problems and tough personal life choices cloud your decision making process. It can seem like any decision is the wrong one.  It’s paralyzing.

Unnecessarily so.

Instead of focusing on a five-year plan for a five-month plan, focus on what you’re going to do in the next five minutes.  Because what you do right now ultimately decides where you end up in five months or in five years.

Just because problems look difficult doesn’t mean you can’t solve them one step at a time.  Just because you’re scared of failing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the next step.

Get in the habit of asking yourself “What do I need to do right now?”.

And then do it.

Complex problems don’t look so tough when you’ve stripped them down to a series small manageable action items.

But you can’t do that if you give in to fear and pain and hysteria.

Your focus is simply to take the next step.

Pretty soon you’ll have your problems behind you.

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