What You Can Do.

You can point out the personal weaknesses in those around you.
You can belittle others when you know what hurts them most.

You can throw a fit and make-a-scene until people give you your way

You can run away from problems and not confront your mistakes.

You can deny that you are ever wrong and that your mistakes hurt other people.

You can always blame someone else for your problems.

You can pretend like you’re giving 100% when you’re just going through the motions.

You can only try on the days when you feel like it.

You can spend your time planning and learning rather than doing.

You can listen to your competitors and give in to the peer pressure of the crowd.

You can let fear and pain and failure drive your decision-making.

You can only have relationships that are superficial.

You can do anything you set your mind to do.

That’s important to remember, because usually we think of all the things we can do in a positive light.

And we seldom remember that what we do naturally is hurtful and limits our own potential to be successful.

Perhaps the better question is not “What can you do?”, but rather “Why are you doing that?”

Ask yourself. And then do the opposite.

Chances are you can do something better.

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