Human Doings or Human Beings.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re doing anything that really matters.  The strategy you employ, the actions you fulfill, the results you attempt to achieve — they begin before you start doing anything.

“Success begins with attitude, motivation, and intention. That’s why we’re called human beings; not human doings.”

Think about that.  You are before you do.

What you think about most you end up trying.

Business experts like to convince you that new tools or better tactics are the key to your business growth.  And great technology and savvy ideas do make a difference in the short term.

You might improve revenue in the immediate quarter, but sustainable growth demands that you change bad habits and build a culture that drives  performance improvement.

Without improving who we are as business leaders, we fail to drive innovation and change.  When incentives and novelty grow old, growth and market dominance becomes an unattainable aspiration.

You lose out by doing more and focusing less on who you are — as a leader and as a company.

Be amazing.

That’s the key to doing something amazing time and time and time again.

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