Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

May 16, 2012

Why Almost Isn’t Good Enough.

Almost isn’t good enough.

If you almost got the job that really means you didn’t make the final cut.

If you almost won first place that really means you ended up losing.

If you almost finished the job that means you really left your mission incomplete.

If you almost care that really means you don’t care at all.

If you’ve almost did the right thing that really means you ended up doing the wrong thing.

If you have almost made it in time that really means you ended up being late.

If you almost figure it out that really means you still have questions and unsolved problems.

If you almost have enough to do what you want to do that really means you can’t be where you want to be right now.

If you almost are happy that really means you’re still dissatisfied.

If you almost always do something then that really means you might not be as disciplined as you should be.

If you almost have your mind made up that really means you’re not as confident yet as you want to be.

If you almost have the answer that really means you’re still looking for it.

If you almost are successful that really means you still have more work to do.

If you almost worked hard enough that really means you just didn’t put in enough effort.

If you’ve almost stopped a bad habit that really means you’re not as “in control” as you want to be

Almost isn’t what you want for you.

It is close.  At times it looks like the real thing.

But it’s not good enough.

It’s almost the right thing.

And even though at times the difference is small, you can tell between being almost satisfied with your life and truly feeling a sense of accomplishment from what you’ve done.

From what you have achieved.

Don’t let almost be the enemy of awesome.

Achieve more.

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