Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

June 11, 2012

When You Believe You Can’t.

The only truth is what you believe in. Not what you tell others you believe.  Not what you pretend to believe.  Not what you tell yourself you should believe.

What you really believe.

That is what is true.

It becomes all too apparent in how you behave.

  • If you don’t believe there is as way to achieve a goal, then you’ll always a good excuse or a person to blame for why success isn’t possible.
  • If you don’t believe someone needs a second chance, then you’ll always find justification why you’re right in not being gracious.
  • If you don’t believe that love and compassion are guiding principles of acceptable behavior then you’ll always find a reason to justify you’re cruelty.
  • If you don’t believe in giving and inspiring then you’ll always find a way to excuse away our self-serving behavior.

When you believe you “can’t”, you always seem to find a way to make that true.

You become your biggest reason to lose.

Your attitude.  Your lifestyle.  Your excuses.  They all back up your negative beliefs.  So it’s not surprising that the more you believe you “can’t”, the faster you see your dreams fall apart in front of you.

Your negativity strangles your ability to achieve success.  While you are busy writing off everyone around you, the simple truth is that it is only you who is failing.  It is you that loses out.

You lose out on an opportunity to do the impossible.  To see solutions.  To feel powerful.

To dream of success.

When you believe you can’t, you always seem to find a way to live up to those expectations.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for top companies around the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success.