Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

June 28, 2012

So What If You’re Right.

So what if you’re right but offend those who need help in the process. So what if you’re right but trample the will of those who need the courage to fight on.

So what if you’re right but don’t do what you tell others they should do.

So what if you’re right but are too afraid to share your help with others.

So what if you’re right but no one around you changes their life for the better

So what if you’re right but everyone already agrees with you.

So what if you’re right but you run out time before you do anything about it.

So what if you’re right but don’t know why.

You’re not really right after all.

Are you?  It’s not enough to know the right answers.  It’s not enough to memorize facts and figures.

It’s not right to be a hypocrite. To think big but act small. Brains can’t replace compassion or courage.   Just knowing what to do isn’t enough to guarantee that you achieve your goals for you.

Ask yourself, “Does it really matter who’s right if your results are wrong?”

You can talk about how right you are, but you know it’s just a cover.  It’s just a way to hide from your insecurities.  From your fear that you might not be right after all.

And that’s the real danger with “being right”.

You’re just wrong.

You’ve not been right all along. You’ve been avoiding the harsh truth.

That being right is isn’t worth anything unless you do something about it.  Unless that awareness drives you to do amazing things.  To be an amazing person.

That’s what makes it right.

And no one is saying “so what” then. They see the difference you make.

It’s clear — who you are is pretty amazing.

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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for top companies around the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success.