Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 23, 2012

5 Things Conquerors Do That You Should Do Better.

We all want to conquer. In fact, most of our lives is spent in the pursuit of conquering. As business leaders we want to conquer goals like company growth, higher profitability, and industry recognition. As people, we all have personal goals that we want to conquer, like being happy and healthy and feeling like what we do matters.

When we have a vice in our life that controls our behavior ,we often say that we need to “beat that bad habit”. In other words, something else to conquer.

Our whole lives are about conquering.

So it’s about time we started acting like it. Started acting like conquerors.

  1. Stop asking for permission to be amazing. — Doing anything you first need other people permission to do isn’t big enough to really change your life. It’s just not bold enough. Instead of sitting in a committee or asking focus groups or mentors what is best for you, just pick something amazing and go do it. Make it happen. You might make some people angry in the process. You might step on toes. But that’s okay. You’ll never do anything amazing if you stop and ask permission first.  Apologize later.  Conquer now.
  2. Destroy anything that gets in your way. — You have to get belligerent with obstacles.  Sometimes you are the biggest obstacle in your way. Your fear. Your doubts. Your bad habits. And you have to crush yourself into submission. You have to doggedly pursue solutions. It is trial and error. It’s not a joke. It is you on a mission to achieve the audacious goals you have picked out for yourself. You can pick up the pieces later. Go crush something now.
  3. Stay focused on the big picture. — You are going to lose a battle along the way. People are going to get hurt that you care about. You are going to be challenged by enemies bigger than you could have ever imagined. Don’t forget what you’re here to do. Don’t let the day-to-day grind distract you from your conquest. Sometimes a giant step back is the best way to take three steps forward. Be willing to do what it takes to achieve overall success. Avoid being petty or passive aggressive. Get what you want.  Start now.
  4. Fight to the death rather than surrender. — Don’t let up. Don’t let down. Be “all in” committed to your own success. Burn the ships when you come to a new island. Don’t look back. Don’t make it easy to retreat. Lay it all on the line and then cross that line. When you remove the option to look back, you somehow find a solution for moving forward. Fighting to the death isn’t about dying, it’s about a way of living. Living fully committed to your goals.  Right now.
  5. Enlist those around you in your warrior ways. — Build an army to help you conquer. You can conquer on your own, but you will conquer faster with a passionate group of warriors behind you banging their swords and spears and jeering violently at the enemy. Your army starts with just one person. One more person beside you. Find that person. Empower them to conquer. And then go find another one.  Do it right now.

You might not be remembered in history as anything “Great”, but you can conquer just the same.

You can conquer anything you put your mind to.

That’s a rewarding feeling. To know that nothing can stand in your way. That you are capable of changing your destiny.

That despite your frailty and the limitations of being human, underneath it all you are a conqueror. A warrior. A force of nature.  Unbroken by the constraints of mediocrity or caring what other people think about you.

You just conquer. That is what you do.

Do you do that?

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