Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

August 28, 2012

35 Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in Business School.

  1. Just because you earn a bigger title doesn’t mean you earn more respect.
  2. It’s easier to say “I’m sorry…” than to have to hire a fresh team of employees.
  3. A culture of fear only works for so long.  And it’s horribly destructive in the long run.
  4. Leading doesn’t need to include yelling.  Actions matter.
  5. Being right isn’t your top priority any more.  Helping your team win is the top priority.
  6. Just because you have authority doesn’t mean that you are the leader.
  7. A quiet look of support counts a lot.
  8. Performance isn’t always logical. Screwing up sometimes means your team member needs a kind word.
  9. What needs to be said usually needs to be said by you.
  10. You can blame your team or lead your team; but you can’t do both at the same time.
  11. A simple “Thank You…” will go a long way.
  12. Make passive aggressive the ultimate crime. Your team will stay better motivated.
  13. Anyone can do the easy things. Just make sure someone is doing those things.
  14. Just because you have haters doesn’t mean you are doing something right.  Maybe you’re just a jerk.
  15. You can read the news or create news. You should do both, as often as possible.
  16. Make high performance the new status quo.
  17. The numbers matter.  Eventually you have to defend vision with results.
  18. The opposite of innovation is procrastination. Keep deadlines sacred.
  19. Demand personal accountability.  Start with you.
  20. Don’t do for your team what you are paying them to do for you — their job.
  21. If you aren’t getting results, change the rules. It’s your game; play it your way.
  22. Proving someone else wrong isn’t a good enough reason to do something — even if they are an idiot.
  23. Make mountains out of  molehills. The details matter. You usually find that out too late.
  24. Ideas are only as valuable as the effort you put behind them.
  25. Hire within. Inspire within.  Lead within.  Over the long run you can’t recruit better than you can mentor.
  26. Push your team to achieve the impossible.  Help them believe it’s possible along the way.
  27. You’re only as good as your last weak moment.  Think through your actions ahead of time.
  28. If they aren’t following  it’s because you aren’t leading.
  29. Give first.  You’ll avoid most personal issues by just not being selfish.
  30. What people say isn’t always what they mean.  Look behind the words.
  31. Be the type of leader you would want to work for.  If you can’t respect you, how can anyone else?
  32. Hire slow. Fire slow. And believe in second chances. You’ll need one yourself one day.
  33. Things always look different six months from now. Make sure your expectations and actions are free of baggage.
  34. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. Not doing anything with the help you get is.
  35. If you want to figure it out, you will. Breakthrough happens when urgency meets experience and effort.

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