Knowing What Rips Your Head Off.

What is it that kills you dream instantly?

  • Is it when other people don’t believe you can do it?
  • Is it your debt or other bad financial decisions you’ve made in the past?
  • Is it lack of time or money or power or respect?

What is it that rips your head off and ends the game?

The game you’re playing isn’t open ended.  Ultimately, it’s mortal combat.  To keep playing – to win – you have to know what could kill you quickly.  You have to plan for the worst.

Let’s be frank, the small stuff just grinds you down.  A cut here.   A bruise there.

You’re hurt and annoyed, but not destroyed.  You can survive the grind.  And that’s key to know.

Because you can’t survive everything.

You’re not indestructible. No one is.  No dream is.  No business is.

If you don’t know what could destroy you, you aren’t prepared to keep your dream alive.

And that’s not a fun way to live – waiting to be killed.

Protect what’s precious to you.

At any cost.


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