Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 16, 2012

Make Leads Not Excuses.

KYLE PORTER is the CEO of SalesLoft, a software company that provides sales intelligence on your CRM database. Today his guest post explores common myths in the sales and marketing world and how having the right perspective can be a game-changer.


There are sales reps who constantly complain about leads from the marketing department.

It’s wise not to associate yourself with these reps. They will paralyze your efforts and stagnate momentum.

There are sales reps who seize their fate with their own sweat and conquer their own domain.

Embrace this attitude.

A sales rep who is excuse-free does not get swayed by propaganda of inbound marketing’s effectiveness. Content is great and it works, but it works for our universe.

The most effective sales organizations are marketing automation companies: Pardot, Marketo. Eloqua – all of them shout “inbound! drip! nurture!” yet, they’ve figured it out fast: true leads come from sales.

Marketing is just a part of the sales process.

“60% of Pardot’s leads are sales-sourced” exclaimed one VP at Pardot at their user conference.

Walk on the main expo floor at Dreamforce. Who is mastering their own domain by selling the moment you walk in?  The marketing automation companies.

Even HubSpot, the creators of the term “Inbound Marketing” have an army of sales reps.

The moment you rest your fate in the hands of anyone other than your own, you lose.

And that sucks.

If you want it you’ve got to grab it. Leads are there. Sales reps are getting them.

Are you?

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