Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

May 14, 2013

The Scary Truth Behind Why NOT Cold Calling Isn’t Making You A Super Star.

Cold calling gets a bad rap. Over the past few years, as technology has exploded onto the sales scene, experts are quick to tell you that “cold calling is ineffective and a waste of your time”.

You’re told that instead of cold calling you need to ask for referrals, mine information from social channels, and use drip email marketing to nurture relationships until they are ready to buy something from you. You’ve been told that the last thing you should be doing is picking up the phone and talking to somebody you don’t know.

No matter what business you are in, some of that advice is true.

You do need to be mining information about your industry, prospects you are not doing business with yet, and your existing customers.  You do need to do amazing work so that your customers recommend and refer you to other potential clients. You should be using technology that allows you to work smarter and deliver your message with more impact.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cold calling.

Think about any other time in your life when you had something important to say — when you first found out that you were going to get married or when you found out that a new baby was on the way. What about the time you went on a vacation and saw a celebrity? Think about how you last responded when one of your friends made you angry.

In any to those cases, you probably did the same thing — you picked up the phone and talked about it. That was your first reaction. You called a person and talked about it.

It wasn’t awkward. You didn’t need a script. And it didn’t matter that you were interrupting them from what they were doing.  What you had to say was important enough.

That’s the same essential philosophy behind you making “cold calls” in business. You’re excited by what you have to say and reaching out to people who should be interested in your story.

At a high level, that’s a workable strategy. A good strategy.

If you are not excited about your message, maybe you should be working for a different company. If you are not excited to tell people in need how you can help them feel better, then maybe you need a different message.

Cold calling isn’t your problem. A lack of ambition is your problem. Lack of creativity too.

There will always be new ways to deliver your message to more people with less effort. Email and text messages and social media are all great ways to reach potential customers. But nothing can replace your passion and zeal for what you are selling .

No sales tool can do a better job than you of making people feel like buying from you is the right decision. That requires human interaction. Not a machine. Not a button in a marketing program. Not an email server.

It requires you picking up the phone, calling people, and sharing what you’re passionate about.

And that’s where there’s a scary truth about this whole discussion.

If you’re not passionate, maybe you’re doing the wrong thing with your day. Maybe you shouldn’t be working where you’re working right now.

The expert will tell you that you should be doing just about anything else. Anything but making cold calls.

Perhaps on a spreadsheet that adds up to more efficiency in how you spend your day.

And, in a certain sense, the experts are right. You should be focused on effective ways to deliver your message.

But don’t mistake better tools with being a better person.

Not cold calling doesn’t solve your lack of creativity or your lack of ambition or your lack of confidence. Not cold calling doesn’t fix the fact that you’re not happy doing what you’re doing. Not cold calling does it make your fear and pain go away.

Its just a distraction from you doing what really matters.

So stop blaming cold calling for all of your business problems.

If you’re not passionate enough to spread good news, you have to question what type of person you are.

You have to question if you’re ever going to be successful doing anything.

Not cold calling can’t fix that.

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