Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 13, 2013

Stop Waiting for Marketing and Lead Gen to Make You a Sales All-Star.

NANCY BLEEKE is an author, professional trainer, speaker, facilitator, and president of Sales Pro Insider, Inc. She has a sharp wit and even sharper insights into the how conversations shape a successful sales process. To find out more about Nancy, visit: www.salesproinsider.com or learn more about how to make your conversations count with her book, Conversations That Sell.  She joins us today to talk about her new book:


The whole world is abuzz with how to use social selling media and marketing efforts to build their sales. After all, who doesn’t want buyers just dropping in to buy what we offer?

Yet with so much focus on marketing, are we forgetting the piece of the sales process that is often needed to really make the sale?

Marketing efforts will identify and produce leads. But then what happens next?

Do you (or your sales team) have productive conversations to move those leads to a buying decision?

I hope so.

But observations show they don’t.

What I see are more people and teams using marketing and lead generation activities as a way to avoid the most important part of the sales process… the actual sales conversation!

Many buyers decide more quickly, make larger purchases, and have less buyer’s remorse when a seller guides them through the decision making process.

Isn’t that what selling really is? Conversations that help someone do or decide something.

It’s that simple. So what gets in the way of focusing our efforts on the sales conversation? There are two main reasons I see:

1. Productive conversations take effort and energy.

We need to put effort into making the sales call or conversation productive and relevant.

Buyers aren’t as predictable as we’d like to believe. The way they need or want information, build s relationship, and how they make a decision is different. Through the conversation we need to determine what THIS buyer needs … and then adjust our approach to make it relevant for them.

Effort takes time and energy.

2. Sellers are vulnerable.

The buyer can reject the recommendation. They can delay the buying decision. They can stop us from moving forward.

Rejection and delays hurt.

Don’t sit around waiting for miracles through marketing. Take your leads, make those calls, and have productive sales conversations. That’s how you become a Sales All-Star.

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