Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

July 22, 2013

7 Ideas for Dreaming Big Dreams In A World Full Of Hate And Confusion.

If you haven’t figured it out already, the world can be a frightfully hateful place. This isn’t a silly discussion about doom-and-gloom, it’s about the realities in which you live your life right now. The world in which you pursue your dreams.

That place can be cruel and unforgiving. Full of anger, misguided bigotry, and shameful intolerance.

It’s everywhere you look.

From discussions on television, the speaking points of elected officials, and sometimes even the dialogue  shared in our churches and synagogues.  Staying inspired in the middle of that is no easy task.

Looking past the confusion and chaos isn’t something that comes naturally. In a world where hatred comes easier than living with kindness, staying focused on your goals and being passionate about your future can seem like an impossible mindset.

But it’s not impossible.

More importantly, if you are going to accomplish audacious acts of mind-blowing brilliance, keeping a positive attitude is a must.

It’s essential to your survival. The difference between winning and losing.

Your attitude is what determines your actions. So it’s important that you don’t let hatred turn your positive attitude into feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

So what can you do?

How can you stay in control and inspired?

  1. Take time to believe what you believe. — If you don’t know what makes you tick you’ll get ticked off at every passing criticism or ridiculous statement you hear. Staying motivated starts with you knowing what really matters — what is worth fighting for and why. The ball is in your corner on this one.  Get started working it out.  
  2. Be deliberate about staying human. — Sometimes good people say stupid, hurtful things when they are afraid or in pain.  You tend to do it that way from time to time, by the way. A little emotional intelligence goes a long way towards mending wounds in the world around you. Instead of more confusion you’ll create comfort.  And that makes your life so much easier to navigate.
  3. Practice acts of unreasonable kindness. — Pay for someone else’s lunch.  Smile when you don’t feel like it.  Stop to listen when you’re already too busy to think straight. Giving, when you don’t think you can give any more, heals you.  It rewires your brain to help you slow down and see the big picture. At the same time unexpected kindness heals everyone around you.  That’s pretty inspiring all by itself.
  4. Double down on the effort you spend working. — More panic and frustration can confuse you into thinking that your effort doesn’t really matter. But that’s a dangerous lie your brain tells you.  Effort is the great equalizer.  When nothing else seems to be working, effort is what allows you to push past the negativity in your life and make huge progress towards your goals.
  5. Ignore pretty much all the advice you get. — Even well meaning people can be horribly wrong. Even smart, successful people that you admire and trust, have advice that might not be the best for you for right now. Listen to what you hear. Digest the information. And then do what you think is best for you. Ignore the doubters. Forget your mistakes. Just plow ahead.
  6. Stop pretending that stupid people don’t bother you. — It’s OK to cry.  There’s a part of it that is healing for you. Mean people saying stupid things can completely ruin your life. Stop pretending like it doesn’t matter and start healing. You’ll start making better decisions.  Bask in the catharsis that comes from learning from your mistakes.
  7. Take small steps every day towards your goal. — Confidence comes from progress.  The more progress you make the more confidence you seem to find.  It’s automagical. So if you aren’t mastering something each day, you aren’t as confident as you need to be. By the way, moving towards where you want to be is the best way to actually end up there.

You can live outrageously inspired.

If you aren’t determined to stay positive, you’ll find yourself giving in to hatred, fear, chaos, and confusion.  You’ll lose the battle in your mind.

Love what you are about to do. Fight to stay human. Apologize when you’re not. And stop letting others rob you of your future.

What you are about to do demands your full attention, an outrageous attitude of hopefulness, and the courage of a warrior.

You are about to bleed, cry, and triumph. Believe it. Live it.

Dream it.

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