Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

August 27, 2013

56 Ways To Handle Negativity.

  1. Believe it.
  2. Deliver it.
  3. Help it.
  4. Do nothing.
  5. Supply it.
  6. Build it.
  7. Choose it.
  8. Cry.
  9. Tolerate it.
  10. Engage it.
  11. Pursue it.
  12. Find it.
  13. Continue it.
  14. Back off.
  15. Allow it.
  16. Take it.
  17. Think about it.
  18. Wait.
  19. Become it.
  20. Run away.
  21. Keep it.
  22. Listen to it.
  23. Create it.
  24. Nurse it.
  25. Share it.
  26. Stop.
  27. Contribute it.
  28. Leverage it.
  29. Focus it.
  30. Accept it.
  31. Feed it.
  32. Savor it.
  33. Quit.
  34. Observe it.
  35. Motivate it.
  36. Repeat it.
  37. Give it out.
  38. Hurt.
  39. Encourage it.
  40. Discuss it.
  41. Support it.
  42. Make excuses.
  43. Embody it.
  44. Present it.
  45. Fight it.
  46. Get revenge.
  47. Perpetuate it.
  48. Guide it.
  49. Suffer.
  50. Remember it.
  51. Embrace it.
  52. Avoid it.
  53. Drive it.
  54. Fulfill it.
  55. Inspire it.

Or you can ignore it.

There will always be darkness. There will always be those who attempt to quench the lights you shine around you. They will demean you, question your motives, and make you seem like a silly, misguided warrior.

There are a lot of ways to handle negativity, but none of them are better then the simplicity of extinction.

  1. Ignore it.

The monster dies when you refuse to remember he’s lurking around every corner.

Ignore it all.

You get to decide if you stay terrorized or not. You decide whether the cruelty of others stops you and your mission. No one else.

No bullies. No badgering. No belittling of your motives and motivations.

Ignore the darkness. Shine bright.

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