Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

August 20, 2013

Money, Cheaters, And Playing A Successful Long Game.

Achieving success, whatever that means to you specifically, is largely about your long term strategy with money.

There will always be those who get lucky, take advantage, manipulate, step on, or cheat their way to move ahead in the short term.

They seem to make money faster and make more of it. They seem to be lazy, crazy,  and still wildly successful. They hit the lottery. They have family money. They stumble into the perfect job.

And you are left wondering what you did wrong.

You’re thinking that if they can cheat and get away with it then you should consider doing the same thing. After all, once you make a little bit more money you won’t need to revert to that type of behavior anymore. You can go straight after you have enough money to think more clearly.

And even though success isn’t all about money, money usually factors into it. You need money to buy it, experience it, or build it.

So what’s your long game when it comes the money?

One is the biggest reasons why business people fail is because they aren’t financially fit. They don’t know the details of their business and don’t plan ahead for when things will go wrong.

Consumption isn’t success. Its just baggage.

Sometimes, expensive baggage.

Being financially fit isn’t just about how much money you can save. Although saving is a big part of being financially fit.

Successful people get in the habit of denying themselves the trinkets that everyone else around them seems to be accumulating in order to have enough money to  invest in there audacious plans.

They don’t obsess about new gadgets, new cars, or stylish office space.

They focus on the ruthless honesty of doing without what no one else is willing to do without so they can do later what others aren’t able to do.

Think about that when you find yourself struggling.

What could you be doing differently with money? Are you financially flabby? Are you invested in giving yourself the best possible odds for long-term success?

Remember, time has a way of changing winners and losers.

Those who looked like they had success by the tail with “get rich quick” tactics find that they’ve only cheated themselves.

They don’t know how to be successful, they just know how to cheat.

Eventually, that sort of behavior destroys everything they said they really want for themselves.

What’s your long game?


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