Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

August 26, 2013

You Decide If Your Job Is Part Time Or Not.

You decide how much you get to work.  Not anyone else anywhere else.

With the right strategy, you’ll have your boss begging you to be back tomorrow.

Recently, there’s been a lot of negative discussion around the idea of part time employment. Depending on who you ask, the president is to blame for this. The economy is to blame for this. Apparently, party leaders, political strategies, and small business owners are all blame for this.

But beneath the television commentary lies an uncontrollable panic from job seekers. How can you pursue your dreams when you aren’t making enough money to stay alive?

1. Lose the attitude. No one owes you anything.

It might be true that you want a full time job — and you want that full time job really bad. But just because you want that job doesn’t mean that you deserve to get it. No one owes you a full time job. Its not your right It is a privilege.

Trying to pursue a better job with a bad attitude is an impossible task. Wipe the slate clean by cleaning up your attitude. That bad attitude it’s probably a big reason why you can’t seem to find an employer who is willing to take a risk on you.

2. Consider a part time job a paid interview.

How excited would you be if you were told that you are going to be paid for interviewing? You would be ecstatic. That’s really what a part time job is. You being paid by the employer to show off your talents. It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate how valuable your insights and actions are to the benefit of the company.

Instead of making your position an all-or-nothing proposition, your employer wants to test you out. So they’re paying you for hours of your time each week to see how good you really are. Acts like it.

3. If people can live without you they will.

No one who is awesome get relegated to the second team. If you’re stuck in a part time job that doesn’t want to pay you to be there more, it’s probably the case that you’re not demonstrating enough value. Regardless of company procedure or plans or the fact that everyone gets paid part time, if you are invaluable to the operations of the business your boss can’t allow you to only work part time. He must have you working as much as possible.

Think about what you need to do to be so awesome that your employer demands that you show up full time. Turn that hyperbole into a set of actions. Be the guy your boss can’t get enough of.

4. A couple part time jobs is a big full time job.

If you have free time because one place won’t pay you for all your time, get another place to pay you for the rest of your time. Instead of moaning about the part time job you have, get another one.

You won’t just make twice as much, you will have twice as many opportunities to impress your boss to give you a bigger chance. You just doubled or tripled your opportunity to build the big career you’ve always dreamed of. Remember, it’s amazing how lucky you seem to get when you’re busy. So stay busy. Full-time busy.

5. Resumes aren’t the same as relationships.

Technology makes it easy to send out dozens of resumes every morning. Make no mistake — that’s not the same as building relationships with people who could use your skills. There are no buttons or web sites that can replace the value of shaking hands and standing eyeball to eyeball with a decision maker.

By the way, building relationships is a skill that will help you achieve success in every other part of your life. Learn it early

You decide if your job is part time or not.  No one else.

Enough with the negative nonsense surrounding an opportunity for you to be amazing. Being awesome isn’t something you do part time. It’s a full time commitment. So be committed. Start today.

So cheer up. Grow up. Show up. Shut up. Look up. Move up. Skill up.

Wake up and work up a sweat.

Be a bad-ass full time.

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