You Need Them To Win Before You Do.

You can get to where you want to be quite a bit faster by helping those around you achieve their goals first.

It’s no secret that achieving audacious goals takes a team.

Big dreams take big people. And lots of them.

That’s easily overlooked if you’re in the trenches fighting for your dreams.

You need other people. And the truth is that they need you too.

You need to figure out how you can do it together.

Even if you need to pinch pennies make sure that you take care of the important people around you.

If you need expertise that you don’t have then spend time building relationships with people who can help you with those skills.

But give first.

Don’t give back what you have left over, go out of your way to make sure they get a little bit right up front.

Maybe it’s how quickly you pay them or that you spend a few minutes telling them how much you appreciate them.

It’s the small things that make such a big difference.

Focus on those small things.

Be deliberate about helping them win before you do.

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