Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

October 18, 2013

Why Being Right Isn’t Making You Successful.

It’s a bad sales strategy to walk into your clients office slam the door, slap your prospect in the face, and shout “why haven’t you purchased my product yet?” Chances are you will get thrown out of that office and possibly into a jail cell.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

It’s a bad leadership strategy to call together all of your employees and then laugh and poke fun at individuals who need help improving.

Chances are the employees you humiliated are going to leave, undermine you, and file a lawsuit for your harassing behavior.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

It’s a bad marketing strategy to keep sending unsolicited emails to prospects day-after-day when they’ve told you that they want to opt out of receiving them.

Chances are they are going to throw you under the bus to everyone they meet, purposely do business with your competitors, and report you to the authorities for breaking the law.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

It’s a bad customer support strategy to make customers who don’t automatically know how to use your products feel stupid .

Chances are they’re going to stop paying you for your services and share their bad experience with as many people as possible.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

Its a bad thought leadership strategy to spend your time ridiculing with personal attacks anyone in your industry who disagrees with you .

Chances are the rest of your industry are going to hate you, avoid you and make it difficult for you to make money.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

It’s not good enough to be smart. It’s not good enough to have great ideas. It’s not good enough to actually “be right”.

What you do is important. How you do what you’re doing likely matters more. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a nail salon, a boutique coffee shop, or a complex IT consulting firm servicing the federal government, style matters.

How you look and sound and act — how you leave people feeling — that is what determines how successful you become.

What’s the lesson? Style matters.

Shouting and screaming and demanding that everyone listen to you because you’ve figured out something that no one else is smart enough to understand just gets in the way of what you want to achieve.

Because style matters. Being right isn’t enough.

You have to be right with style.

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