Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 6, 2013

Why Avoiding Negativity Should Be Your Top Priority.

Get serious about avoiding negativity in your life. Its a cancer that will destroy your best intentions  and turn your big ideas into spiteful attempts getting even and proving the wrong people wrong.

You’ll miss opportunities to be awesome and let the worst fears of those around you cripple your resolve to be amazing.

The reality is that negativity is all around you.

It’s part of the news shows that update you on your day’s events. It’s part of the chatter around the water cooler at your office. It’s part of your conversations at church and school, what your clients talk about, and a big part of the rumors that circulate around your industry.

Negativity is what happens naturally.

You are wired to be fearful. Uncertainty drives your brain into overdrive in all the wrong directions. When you add to that fear the skepticism and bad experiences of others, you can help but be uninspired.

It’s what happens naturally.

You go from big ideas with big enthusiasm to having smaller ideas with no enthusiasm at all. It doesn’t happen in one day. You don’t go from hero to zero in a few hours. Bit-by-bit, day-by-day you stop believing in the best parts of life and start buying into the negativity that’s all around you.

You can’t help it. When you feel threatened or anxious or fearful your brain tells you to stop dreaming big and just make it through the rest of the day.

The secret to staying motivated is to put yourself in a different environment. To hang around people who are positive, hopeful, excited about the possibilities for the future.

You have to guard your brain from negativity at all costs.

The secret to staying powerful and positive is too shut off the messages and media of doom-and-gloom. No matter where those messages come from.

You might need to go to a different church. You might need to hang around different people at the office. You might need to cancel cable TV. You might need to stop hanging out with your old set of friends.

The truth is that negativity likes company. Negative people want you to be negative too.

But you’ll destroy your dreams along the way.

You’ll go from hopeful to helpless.

Protect your dreams at all costs. Protect your passion from those who would destroy it.

Guard your vision. Refuse to let negativity cripple your ability to be amazing..

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