Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 8, 2013

When Your Beliefs Don’t Really Help You.

Ever notice how there are certain discussions that almost immediately make you angry.

It doesn’t take you that long to have animated opinions about the side of the argument you are disgusting.

Politics is one of those discussions. So is religion.

(Which is why you are often told to avoid those topics when building relationships with new people.)

Because those discussions are deeply personal, you can quickly run the risk blowing up a relationship before it is even built.

Which begs the question around why this happens. Why do certain topics drive you to be angry and loud and to gesture madly with your hands?

Because they expose what you really believe.

And to have your beliefs dissected, challenged, and discussed so openly is uncomfortable. Subconsciously your brain clicks into survival mode.

Instead of allowing a discussion that is candid (and open to change). Your brain automatically discounts anything that threatens your belief system.

If someone disagree with your brain tells you that they just might be “a stupid person”, a bad guy.

Your brain tells you what you want to hear.  What you want to believe.

It’s important to have strong feelings about important things. But just because you have a belief doesn’t make it right.

And getting angry about everyone else’s beliefs doesn’t make you a better person with better beliefs — especially when those around you are not as willing to fight back.

Just remember, Adolf Hitler had strong beliefs too. He believed very passionately about certain things. His beliefs drove him to try to change the world.  Along the way he destroyed an entire continent and murdered millions of people.

Having strong beliefs isn’t good enough.

That’s important to remember from time to time.

Being “a believer” isn’t by itself such a noble descriptor.

Having strong beliefs might just mean you’re a psychopath.  Or it could mean you’re strong enough to go change the world for the better. Believe strong. Love strong. Lead strong.

At the end of the day, it’s not what you believe that will help you change the world. It is what you are willing to learn that makes you amazing.

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