Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 14, 2013

Fire The Fools Screwing Up Your Customer Service Department.

Nothing derails business grows faster then horrible customer service.

Bad customer service can undo the best sales plan, the best marketing strategies, and the best tactics for world domination.

If you can’t take care of people then pretty much nothing else matters. (At least that’s how it feels to the person on the other end of the deal.)

Most companies think they do a good job delivering great customer service.

It’s rare that a company admits that they aren’t servicing their customers to the best of their ability.

It’s kind of like admitting that you are a bad partner. No one wants to admit that they are a bad boyfriend or a bad girlfriend.  No one wants to say out loud that they are a horrible spouse or a poor parent.

So customer service gets whitewashed behind great web tools that process request from customers. And since great web tools are being used to manage customer service, management often jumps to the convenient conclusion that customers are being satisfied.

They want to believe that. They need to believe that. So that’s what they believe.

Whether it’s true or not. Apparently, web tools are being used to deliver service and so that service must be amazing.

But what about your customer’s perspective? What do your customers think? Are they happy? Are they leaving satisfied?

Just because you have smart web tools doesn’t mean you’re leaving people feeling happy and excited.

Thriving, powerful, growing companies focus on the client experience.  They do whatever it takes to drive a memorable shopping experience. They do it on purpose.

They make delivering amazing service the driving mission of their company

Here is what these companies know about awesome customer service:

  1. Better customer service is cheaper than more advertising.
  2. Training your people to be amazing is easier than teaching managers how to put out fires.
  3. Angry customers make it impossible for your employees to stay focused.
  4. It’s cool when you don’t have to bribe your customers and they still brag about you.
  5. You get the benefit-of-the-doubt more easily when you’ve already been a bad-ass a few times.
  6. Empowered employees are cheaper to keep around.  And less crabby.
  7. Buyers want to do business with companies who are serious about “getting it right”.
  8. People will pay more to do business with people who make them feel good.

When you look at it like that, it’s clear.  Being amazing is the only thing that matters.

Not tools. Not the web.  The experience is what matters.

Fire the fools screwing up your business growth plan.

Make “being awesome” mandatory.

Chances are, what you ask for you’ll get.

And how cool is that?

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