Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

November 4, 2013

Why You Can’t Fail (Even If It Feels Like You Are Losing Right Now).

Agriculture really hasn’t changed that much over the last 15,000 years. The idea of farming is basically the same now as it always has been. It all starts with planting a seed. And not just one seed. Planting a field with seeds.

A thousand years ago, as a farmer you would carry a bag of seeds around your shoulders and throw handfuls of seeds into freshly tilled soil. Today, specialized farming equipment uses GPS technology to plant seeds at an optimal growing distance and in a straight line.

The principal of farming really hasn’t changed.

After planting the seeds, water and fertilizer is carefully delivered to the tender seeds.

Hundreds of years ago, manure from farm animals was shoveled around the freshly planted field to provide powerful nutrients to seeds. Today, chemicals are sprayed from airplanes and mixed into the water that is delivered to the field’s irrigation system.

The principle always applies that fresh seeds need water and fertilizer. And sunlight.

And then something magical happens.

Something magical that always happens.

Those seeds rise up from the ground and turned into tiny plants. Tiny green shoots turn into stems waiting to bud. Where months ago there was only black soil, now rows of freshly planted crops magically sprout upward.

And with enough time and attention, those tender plants turn into crops that are harvested, milled, refined, and used for as many purposes as humans can imagine.

The Aztecs used the sun to improve crop rotation and to measure and manage longer harvest cycles. The Romans built expansive aqueducts to irrigate farmland that would have otherwise been unproductive territory. Monsanto and John Deere re-engineered the very DNA of American farming.

And yet in spite of the innovation, farming really hasn’t changed.

At the core you have to plant and water and fertilize and harvest. And if you do that consistently you end up being successful.

Sometimes nature has it out for you. Natural disasters and unseasonably difficult weather can undo the hard work and attention to detail that you apply to your farming, but that doesn’t mean that “farming is broken.”

The rule is to being successful at farming is that if you plant seeds and water them you’ll be able to harvest a healthy crop in a few months. That has worked for thousands of years.  And it will continue to work for the next few thousand years.

The same basic principle applies to hard work and business.

If you work long enough and hard enough you’ll end up being successful. That’s an incontrovertible truth. That will never change.

Despite business innovations around better technology, faster access to answers, and a thousand years of innovation and insight around how people behave, the basic components of business haven’t changed.

You have to work hard. You have to put in the effort. Its not fun. It’s not sexy. You don’t always feel like doing it; but if you do it, if you work hard, you will reap a harvest of success. You can’t help but be successful.

If you work hard enough and long enough towards a goal you can’t fail.

There are no exceptions. That’s just how success works.  If you want it. And if you go for it. You will achieve it.

It will take you longer that you thought possible.  You will hurt more, bleed more, cry more, and doubt more than you thought humanly possible.  You will want to give up most days — and worry that you’re “never going to get there” the rest of the days.

But relentless effort always leads to success.  Just like farming, the formula works. Plant. Water. Sunlight. Harvest.

The seasons come and go.  New ideas replace old ones.

But the principle of hard work remains the same.

If you work hard enough for long enough you can’t help but achieve your goal.

You’re better off playing the lottery than to try to be successful without applying relentless effort.

You’ve got to sweat and bleed and cry and fight. Today. Tomorrow. And for a thousand “next days” after that.

You might feel like you’re losing right now. But you’ll look back later and see that you were working your way towards the finish line.

Keep moving.

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