Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

December 18, 2013

Nothing Else Matters More In Business.

Nothing matters until you sell something.

It doesn’t matter if you win marketing awards or have lots of friends on social media companions.

Nothing changes until you sell something.

Nothing gets better until people commit to giving you their money for your services.

So nothing in a business matters more then your focus on closing deals. Nothing else matters as much.

Which is why your customer service team needs to be selling with their smiles. Your support and IT team needs to be selling with their clear answers and a timely response. Your marketing team needs to be selling with messages that are short, clear, and actionable. Your operations’ executives need to sell by building an environment where employees are happy and successful. Your management team needs to be selling by making sure the entire company knows what the mission is.

Nothing else matters as much.

Selling something changes everything.

Think about that as you strategize your way towards growth. You’re either creating an environment where people “buy you” or running around doing a lot of busy things that other people tell you are important — hoping that somehow all of your busy-ness will turned into revenue.

Don’t build your business plan around getting lucky. Plan to sell something.

Nothing else matters more in business.

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