Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

December 30, 2013

51 EDGY Insights For Achieving Extraordinary Results.

EDGY 200 – Working smarter is a result of hard work. Not a replacement for it. EDGY 4 – If you have to give up, give up your fear.

EDGY 148 – So what if the experts disagree with you. They might be wrong.

EDGY 117 – It is always what it’s not. Remember that when things appear to add up.

EDGY 128 – It’s never wrong to treat someone else right. Even when they don’t deserve it.

EDGY 108 – Success is not a ‘sometime’ thing. It is a philosophy, a habit, a way of life.

EDGY 49 – To lead others you must first lead yourself.

EDGY 217 – Your reaction to adversity ultimately defines the extent of your greatness.

EDGY 142 – Life begins with attitude. That’s why we’re called human ‘beings’ — not human ‘doings.’

EDGY 203 – If you aren’t willing to go the extra mile, you shouldn’t take the first step.

EDGY 56 – Nothing changes until people get passionate about a cause.

EDGY 160 – If you have to tell people that you’re the one in charge, you’re probably not.

EDGY 38 – Trying is ‘winning in the moment’.

EDGY 154 – Anybody can do the easy stuff, but it’s the hard stuff that ultimately determines how successful you become.

EDGY 37 – Calculate success by the number of times you keep trying.

EDGY 161 – Be vulnerable. Be fearless. Bleed. Fight. Lead.

EDGY 163 – When you believe you can’t you always seem to find a way to live up to those expectations.

EDGY 266 – If you don’t believe in yourself, no else’s opinion or support will be enough to keep you motivated.

EDGY 58 – Push yourself into the scary position where success is the only possibility.

EDGY 26 – Jealousy is the price mediocrity pays to excellence.

EDGY 122 – Sometimes what looks like brilliance is really just guts.

EDGY 80 – You can stop logic, derail ideas, and sidetrack plans; but passion is undeterred.

EDGY 89 – No one cares about your vision like you.

EDGY 17 – They don’t call you crazy once you’ve done it. Only while you’re talking about it.

EDGY 175 – Follow your heart. Avoid the crowd. Believe your dreams are worth all the effort.

EDGY 162 – Just because you have authority doesn’t mean you are a leader.

EDGY 224 – Trying is what you do until it’s done.

EDGY 249 – No one can take from you what you’re unwilling to give up.

EDGY 111 – Results never lie. Conclusions can.

EDGY 30 – Challenge tomorrow’s destiny with today’s action.

EDGY 22 – Instead of working smarter than harder, do both.

EDGY 242 – Your big moment usually comes before you’re ready for it.

EDGY 244 – Bad things still happen sometimes to good people with great strategies. That’s why hard work matters.

EDGY 179 – When you deny yourself the option to look back, you somehow find a solution for moving forward.

EDGY 46 – Fighting always leads to winning. If you disagree, you’ve probably stopped fighting.

EDGY 115 – You can’t really appreciate the joy of winning, until you’ve failed along the way.

EDGY 240 – You can’t learn if you aren’t willing to listen.

EDGY 139 – Just because you call it business doesn’t mean it’s not personal. It always is.

EDGY 13 – Success isn’t about what you are willing to do. It’s about what you actually end up doing.

EDGY 239 – Big goals start with small steps.

EDGY 97 – Create momentum by replacing worry with action.

EDGY 3 – Courage is the whisper in the moment of despair that says: ‘I must go on…’

EDGY 34 – Dream without limits. Live without regrets.

EDGY 16 – The fastest way to get hurt is to look back while running forward.

EDGY 12 – If you think you just can’t make it, you probably won’t.

EDGY 206 – Working smarter is a result of hard work; not a replacement for it.

EDGY 54 – Don’t worry about getting it wrong as long as you are willing to keep trying.

EDGY 178 – Lay it all on the line and then cross that line.

EDGY 99 – Inspiration is the one thing you lose just after you stop looking for it.

EDGY 265 – Just because you don’t know the exact next step to take doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a next step.

EDGY 221 – If you’re not all in, you’re not in at all.


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