Why You Should Stop Making Resolutions And Start Resolving.

There’s a difference between making promises and keeping promises. There’s a difference between thinking about doing something and getting started doing it.
Making changes in your life is not about hoping that things change for the better for you. It’s about purposing that you will do whatever it takes in order to achieve the change that you want for you.

That’s the difference between making a resolution and resolving.

A resolution is a moment in time. Resolving is a fire that burns deep within you forever.

A resolution is what you tell your friends. Resolving is how you get back up when you’ve failed a few times.

A resolution is what you write down on paper and post on your refrigerator. Resolving is what powers you through the dark moments when no one believes that your dream is worth fighting for.

Introspection is important. Aiming for big goals is important for growth. Believing in yourself is important.

But resolving might be the most important activity you can do.

Resolve to be a better person. Resolve to love more. Resolve to try harder. Resolve to push yourself further.

Resolve to always keep heading to where you want to be — no matter how far away you seem to be right now. Resolve.

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