Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

February 28, 2014

How Your Boss Decides If You’re Worth Promoting.

In every fight, as things start to get messy, leaders will look around them to see who still “has their back”. Who is still working and sweating and trying. It’s natural. They’re tired and stressed and cranky about what still needs to be done. And in those moments of frustration, they look around to make sure they’re not all by themselves.

Be the guy they find still fighting.

That’s the secret to getting promoted or achieving big career dreams. Keep fighting long after the sensationalism of the conquest is over.

Be the guy that’s still sweating for the mission. That’s what leaders want. That’s what they need.

They need to be able to count on you.

They need to know that they are not all alone. And when they find you fighting, it heals their soul and sharpened their resolve to conquer. You make them better.

It stands you apart from everyone else in a big way. Instead of manipulating people or playing office politics, stay in the fight.

Be the warrior that’s still swinging a sword

It’s not only good for your soul, it’s pretty damn great for your career.

Own the battle.

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Dan Waldschmidt

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