Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

May 22, 2014

How To Be Awesome When You Don’t Feel Like It.

They are times when you need to get hard things done and you just don’t feel like doing them. Call it uninspired or demotivated — your attitude is less than ideal for you performing like a champion.

Which can be OK.

Just because you don’t feel like doing something doesn’t mean you still can’t be the best one doing it at the time.

How you feel about what needs to be done doesn’t need to impact your behavior. But it usually does.

You never get started doing what needs to be done.

You find yourself re-prioritizing, fiddling with other details that don’t really matter, and generally procrastinating until you’re out of time and have to rush to try to attempt to get things done.

And then when they turn out poorly you just chalk it up to “not being good at everything”, when the real reason was that you didn’t feel like doing it — so you didn’t plan to do it right.

Repeat that cycle a few dozen times and you can find yourself completely confused about what you want to do with your life and if you’re good enough to be the best at anything.

This is an attitude thing.

An attitude change you need to make.

The best way to feel like doing something is just to start doing it.

Not tackling the whole task. Not starting in the middle and working backwards. Just doing one tiny piece of the task.

Action yields more action. Results generate more results.

Momentum leads to success.

When you feel uninspired don’t stop and think about it — go do something.

The more you work, the more inspired you’ll feel.

It’s nearly impossible to do nothing when you already have time and effort invested in trying to achieve a goal.

You can box yourself into a “productivity corner” by just getting started.

You’ll feel pretty good when you cross the finish line.

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