Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

May 29, 2014

Being Agile is Ugly Sometimes.

“Will buys you enough time to learn the skills you need,” that was how Jill Konrath ended 45 minutes of a video interview with me a few days ago. Jill’s latest book, Agile Selling, is a fresh look at the idea of being the best at what you do.  It’s a smart, fast read that will give you good ideas about generating revenue for your business and navigating the challenges of growing a business in todays’ chaotic corporate landscape. That’s me telling you that if you buy the book (and do what it says) you’ll end up being better at business.

It’s a no-brainer.

But her book spends quite a bit of  time on the philosophies and attitudes of a winner — rather than just talking about the art of winning. Which frankly, I find refreshing. By the way, Jill has already written several other best selling books about winning at sales. This isn’t a repeat.

Instead of just giving you a 7-step process about how to sell better, Jill breaks down gritty ideas like learning how to listen and what to do if you feel stuck.

It’s human. It takes into account that despite knowing how to sell, life is probably going to throw you a curve ball and distract you from selling.

It’s the hard truth we often avoid.

The timing of this book launch and my exclusive video interview with Jill is glaringly ironic given the gritty circumstances going on in Jill’s life right now.

Jill left the hospital a few hours before we talked. She went home to change her clothes so she could be ready to do our interview together. The last few days had been a nightmare for her family — a scary few days for her husband. Something that no one could have ever expected.

In the middle of launching what will surely be a bestselling book, Jill’s husband went in for a basic exam — where we was told that he needed surgery on his heart. Immediately. That heart surgery led to other complications — his kidneys stopped working like they should. His body was struggling to recover.

It was an ugly, scary situation.

All that happened and most of us didn’t know. When Jill finally stepped away from the hospital to record her interview with me, her husband was stable but still very weak — which made me think about the appropriateness of a book like Agile Selling.

Being agile is ugly at times. Even when you do everything right, life can beat you up. You can follow all the rules — do everything right — and still struggle to achieve success. That’s where being agile is such a powerful concept.

It’s not just a great business strategy, it’s a great lesson about life.

(My opinion? Buy the book. Learn something. Learn how to learn more. Stay EDGY. Be awesome)

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