It’s Not Going To Be Easy.

Anything worth doing is worth doing even when it’s hard.
You have to get it straight in your head that what you’re about to do isn’t going to be easy.

It’s not going to be quick. Its not going to be fun. But it’s the right thing to do — so you’re going to do it.

Thinking that something is going to be easy just makes it a lot tougher down the road.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to face hurdles along the way.

You’re going to have problems.

You are going to have challenges that you’re going to need to figure out all on your own.

If you’re expecting your journey to be easy, the disappointment and frustration from these challenges will likely be all consuming.

Because you thought that your mission was going to be easy you are confused by all the problems standing in your way — and not sure what to do.

But when you plan for your mission to be difficult, you’re not confused by problems. You’re not left wondering why everything isn’t working out right the first time.

You fully expect the issues in your way.

You anticipate problems. You are tough and resilient. You power through the issues standing in your way.

You figure it out. You get things done.

The danger of expecting easy is that you let your guard down a little too long. You stop staying in shape like you should.

You get lulled to sleep by the promise that everything will go smoothly this time. The results are all consuming. And deadly.

Don’t expect life to be easy. Expect that you’re tough enough to figure it out.

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