Don’t Confuse Words With Warrioring.

Just because you can follow a cookbook recipe doesn’t mean that you have the skills to be a master chef.
Just because you know tennis terminology doesn’t mean that you could be a good coach.

Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean that you could make the team.

You already know the right words to say.

Especially if you’re a hard core fan.

Whether it’s business or sports or politics or science — whatever it is for you — there is a difference between parroting the advice and insights of those who play the game and learning that insight because you battled to be in the game.

There’s nothing wrong with being a commentator. There’s nothing wrong with admiring the competition or having an opinion of your own.

Just don’t confuse words with warrioring.

You might think that if you fake it long enough you’ll eventually make it. But that’s not how warriors are made.

Warriors are made through battle.

Through failure. Through conquest, blood, sweat, and tears. Not through words. Not through copying others.

The words you know won’t make a difference in your life.

You’ll find yourself confused that you seem to know all the answers but aren’t getting the results of winning battles. You aren’t conquering new lands and taking new territories.

You’re saying all the same words but aren’t getting any of the same results.

That’s because words are stupid.

Talking big and acting small makes you stupid.

Enough with repeating everything that you think makes you sound awesome. Spend more time on just being awesome.

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  1. Nice and to the point, Dan. I guess we need to spend less time talking/writing about what we intend to do and just get on and do it.

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