Dan Waldschmidt

by Dan Waldschmidt

June 5, 2014

Why Grumpy People Win More.

It’s hard to get motivated enough to do the hard tasks that success demands until your sufficiently grumpy about where you are in life right now. Getting angry will earn you a burst of energy towards making changes. Feeling happy will make the tasks you’re working on seem less painful.

Nothing works better to keep you inspired then being dissatisfied with where you are in life right now.

Its a grumpy rumbling that fosters in your soul. Its a burning sensation to be better.

Its all you can think about. Its all that consumes your day-to-day decisions.

You’ll do anything as long as it makes you better — as long as is it pushes you out of your rut and back on to the path towards greatness.

That’s the power of being dissatisfied. That’s the power of wanting more for yourself. Craving the next level.

You can’t just want it. Or hope for it. Your wishes will do you little good. You have to be consumed with an insatiable desire to get beyond the limitations that keep you where you are right now.

To throw off the shackles of mediocrity you have to be grumpy and miserable and questing for glory.

That’s what champions do. They never stop grumbling until they reach the finish line.

Maybe it’s time for you to be a little less pleasant.


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Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt is an international business strategist, speaker, author, and extreme athlete. His consulting firm solves complex marketing and business strategy problems for top companies around the world. Dow Jones calls his Edgy Conversations blog one of the top sales sites on the internet. He is author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success.